Normale University of Pisa

Hotel in Pisa near the UniversityThe Normale University of Pisa

The Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa is very close to the city seat of the Scuola Normale, the prestigious University of Pisa (the other seat is in Florence). Piazza dei Cavalieri is the main address.
Our hotel and Piazza dei Cavalieri are just 400 metres away, a five-minute walk along via Santa Maria through the streets of the historic centre. Seven historical buildings in Pisa, in the heart of the city, host the research laboratories and classrooms of the Scuola Normale Superiore (the Normale University). Nearby there is also Palazzo dell'Orologio, the one with the two towers, one of which became famous thanks to Dante in his Divine Comedy: la Torre della Fame (Tower of Hunger). in fact, as recounted in the work by Dante, Count Ugolino della Gherardesca was imprisoned and starved to death here with his sons and grandsons.

Grand Hotel Duomo in Pisa enjoys a central location that is really convenient for students, PhD students, lecturers and anyone needing to stay in the Tuscan city and reach the Normale University of Pisa easily.

Special offers dedicated
to the University, and to Professors

Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa has activated special agreements and rates with the Universities of Pisa. The 4-star, hotel just 50 metres from the tower, is an important reference point for university professors thanks to its closeness to the main University Faculties and to the Sant'Anna and Normale Universities of Pisa.


Discover the exclusive proposals of Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa, 4-star hotel with restaurants and a panoramic terrace overlooking the Tower of Pisa. An utterly unique experience awaits you.
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