The Battle on the Bridge

The Battle on the Bridge (Gioco del Ponte)The historical parade and the battle between districts

Italy and Tuscany are rich in folklore, religious and historical events telling of a glorious past. The Pisan people look forward to what is called "Gioco del Ponte”. The event is usually held on the last Saturday of June and a historical procession with hundreds of people dressed in period costumes takes place before the battle.

The event is divided into two moments: the first is dedicated to the Historical Procession on the Lungarni, a very imposing military parade; then there is the battle, set on Ponte di Mezzo, where the teams from the districts belonging to the two rival city factions prove their respective physical power in a competitive atmosphere.

Traditions and folklore in the city of Pisa with Grand Hotel Duomo

Do not miss this event if you are in Pisa during the period in which it takes place, it will be like travelling through time and you will discover a city rich in culture and tradition must more than that usual photograph of people trying to hold up the famous leaning tower.
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