The Museum of Roman Ships

The Museum of Roman Ships in Pisathe “Pompeii of the Sea”

Pisa is really rich in history, culture and traces of past eras, from the splendours of the Italian Renaissance to the Roman period. For lovers of archaeology and history, an unmissable stop is the Museum of Roman Ships, recently opened (it was 16th June 2019 when the opening ribbon of the museum was cut).


The treasure of the Medicean Arsenals

The Museum of Ancient Ships in Pisa, already renamed by many as the "Pompeii of the Sea", covers 4,700 square metres of exhibition area and is divided into 47 sections for 8 thematic areas. Inside you will find seven boats from the Roman era, dating back to a period between the 3rd century B.C. and the 7th century A.D. and about eight thousand finds.
The finding and discovery of the boats started in 1998, when the remains of the first ship came to light near the San Rossore railway station. The Museum of Ancient Roman Ships is housed in the Arsenali Medicei (the Medicean Arsenals) along the Arno river in Pisa.
More information on the museum website.


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