San Ranieri Regatta

The regatta and other celebrations for Saint Ranieri in Pisa

Every year the celebrations of Saint Ranieri, patron saint of the city of Pisa, begin on the night before with a prologue of lights and fireworks: this is the night of the Luminara. On 17th June, a historical procession takes place along the Arno river before the regatta dedicated to Saint Ranieri.

Four crews, distinguished by different colours, representing the districts of the historical centre of Pisa: San Francesco, San Martino, Santa Maria and Sant'Antonio. Ten members, among rowers, helmsman and “climbers”, compete, along a 1500-metre-long distance to win the “paliotto” of victory, a flag hoisted on a ten metre high flagpole that is the real goal. A flag with a highly symbolic value, because inspired by the battle of Lepanto in 1571, when the Christian troops seized the Muslims’ combat flag.

Pisa, a mix between a historical re-enactment
and a religious celebration

A mix between a historical re-enactment and a religious celebration that shows the endless rivalry between Pisan citizens, narrated also by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy.
San Ranieri is always a unique “festa” for Pisans and tourists, like the Palio for the city of Siena. We invite you to live this experience by booking your accommodation at Grand Hotel Duomo in Pisa to enjoy the most authentic soul of the city.


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