Welcome to LuccaThe city from 100 churches

Lucca can be reached from Pisa in about twenty minutes, it is a city of immense historical-monumental wealth. Take advantage of your stay at Grand Hotel Duomo in Pisa to organise a day trip to Lucca, the city of 100 churches.
You can access the city by entering the Walls - four kilometres of walls, 30 metres wide and 12 metres high - through six gates built between 1500 and the early 1900s, but some of them date even more back to the period of the Roman Empire. The city’s historical centre has kept intact its medieval look; there are many churches and towers in Lucca, among which the Torre dell'Orologio or Torre delle Ore (Clock Tower). This tower, 50 metres tall, is the most imposing in Lucca and features a hand-wound clock mechanism still working perfectly and an internal staircase with 207 wooden steps.

Lucca Comics & Games

Lucca Comics & Games is the international festival dedicated to comics, cinema, animation, illustration, games and TV series. This annual event takes place between the last days of October and the beginning of November and attracts tens of thousands of professionals and fans of comics, fantasy, and games to Lucca. Lucca Comics & Games is the first trade fair of its kind in Europe and second in the world, after Comiket in Tokyo. A whirlwind of emotions and fantasy catching the attention of many curious visitors, a cross-media event somewhere between a convention, a fair and a festivals, but, above all, an event that takes place scattered aound the city.


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