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Treat yourself to a different way of living the city of Pisa and Tuscany. A rich and varied territory is waiting for you, ideal for an escape from everyday life, for a romantic weekend, a cultural tour, a retreat dedicated to wellness. Staying in one of the rooms or Suites of the Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa, you can enjoy the comforts and services of a 4-star hotel in the historic centre, just 50 metres from the tower of Pisa, and you can take inspiration from our suggestions and enrich your time in Pisa and its surroundings with experiences and so many things to do.
The Grand Hotel Duomo in Pisa is just 50 metres away from the famous leaning tower. From the hotel terrace or from the balcony of your room with a view, you will almost feel as if you can touch the top of it by reaching out your hand.


Getting married in Pisa or Tuscany: the promise of a lifelong "I do", in a city with a magical atmosphere, immersed into the eternal poetry of artistic places of immense beauty and value ...



The landing Tower

What makes the bell tower of Piazza dei Miracoli, an iconic monument of the city of Pisa, unique in the world is certainly its tilt, immortalised in the souvenir photos of millions of visitors. Defying all architectural rules, the tower has stood well planted in the ground for centuries despite seeming unsafe. The tilting of the tower is not a deliberate feature, but is caused by a subsidence of the soil, made of a particular sandy silt.

Many other characteristics make the Tower of Pisa unique in the world. The numbers that create a kind of identity card are impressive: the tower rises 56 metres high; its 8 floors are climbed with 293 steps. Six of the 8 floors are surrounded by a small loggia with round arches resuming the motif already on the façade of the Cathedral. The bell cell houses 7 bells, one for each musical note. Each bell has its own name: that of San Ranieri, patron saint of the city of Pisa, is associated with the note re; the largest one is the Assunta bell, weighing about 2600 kg. The construction of the monument lasted about 200 years, but the authorship of the bell tower remains shrouded in mystery, despite numerous and various attributions.

The Carrara and San Giuliano marble that covers the tower in white adds a touch of elegance to the monument. The tower is illuminated with suggestive lighting effects on some occasions, but the most spectacular moment is repeated on 16th June every year, during the celebrations of Saint Rainerius, the patron (link), when hundreds of oil lamps shine from every mullioned window of the tower. The tower of Pisa so ornate sparkles in the night. And the enchantment continues...


Discover the exclusive proposals of Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa, 4-star hotel with restaurants and a panoramic terrace overlooking the Tower of Pisa. An utterly unique experience awaits you.
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