The Keith Haring Mural

Keith Haring’s pop-art in Pisathe mural "Tuttomondo"

Pisa, an ancient but also contemporary city, boasts the enormous mural by Keith Haring among its lesser known treasures: the colourful "Tuttomondo", located in the historic centre, a short distance from the railway station.This mural is one of the few works the American writer made in Italy, it is on the outside wall of the rectory of the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate and he made it with the help of some students in 1989.
"Tuttomondo" (All the World) is a real explosion of vitality, colour, joy, joie de vivre. The work aims to convey the concept of world peace, brotherhood, ecumenicity, in the unmistakable style of Keith Haring.

The message of peace from Keith Haring's mural

The 180 square metre wall is populated by figures connecting and fitting one another like a puzzle, and each figure represents a different aspect of the world at peace. The man holding the dolphin is an allegory of the relationship between man and nature, the woman cradling a child reminds of the idea of motherhood, the scissors cutting the snake symbolise the defeat of evil on earth. "Tuttomondo", the Keith Haring mural in Pisa, is also the only work by the artist conceived, from the beginning, as permanent, not ephemeral and intended to disappear.

Pisa, once again, is a city that reminds the world of the meaning of life through art with different jargons and styles. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa on your stay in Tuscany.


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