Marina di Pisa

Marina di Pisathe beaches and the city’s modern port

Marina di Pisa is the seaside resort that hosts the modern port of the city of Pisa, located south of the mouth of the river Arno, on the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The pebble and sandy beaches are sheltered by the docks that favour a quiet sea and are the most visited by families. Marina di Pisa with its long quay is also one of the favourite Tuscan moorings for yachts. Besides the promenade, the area at the mouth of the river known as "Bocca d'Arno" is particularly famous: dotted with the traditional fishing scales, called "retoni" in dialect. The landscape is very pleasant, Marina di Pisa is loved by the locals and tourists who come here every year. We at Grand Hotel Duomo suggest this destination if you would like to spend a day at the sea without going too far from Pisa. Marina di Pisa is about 15 km from the hotel, and it takes around twenty minutes to get there but the Tuscan Tyrrhenian coast has more to offer.

Pisa and the sea

Pisa has always had a special relationship of its own kind with the sea, so much so that it is the only one of the four Maritime Republics without a real and direct outlet to the sea.

Pisa, like Venice, was born on the water. A river city that owes its affirmation in trade routes to the Arno; it was also a great sea power of which it still preserves the wrecks amid its sands and seabed. However, due to the river, the city moved away from the sea. Debris and floods have changed the coast over time, filling the lagoons, burying the anchorages. Moreover, the rivalry with the other naval powers of the Mediterranean, first of all Genoa, pushed the enemies of Pisa to undermine its power more and more and destroy its port.


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