Grand Hotel Duomo

The history of Grand Hotel Duomo
in front of the tower of Pisa starts in the 1960s

Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa was founded in 1959 by Silvio and Miranda Panichi and managed by Marzio Benedetti, who was also President of Federalberghi for a long time, for over 40 years since the 1960s.

Built according to the canons of the geometric rationalism of the period, devoted to the concept of order, cleanliness of form and functionality, today it returns vaguely retro-style suggestive atmospheres with different materials merging into one another in a game of shapes and colours. Among the materials, the incomparable quality of the real white marble and travertine finishes adorning the hall and common rooms stands out. Marble, a precious and imperishable material, creates, with its veins, a luxurious and exclusive environment. The regular and squared shapes of the marble are crossed and heated by precious wooden frames; tasteful textiles and furnishings complete and refine the rooms with skilful touches.

Services of a 4-star hotel

Our Italian and foreign guests receive a top-level service, typical of a 4-star hotel. Our professional welcome has no particular secret except for our attitude and how we take care of people, our discreet curiosity for their stories, an attention to their needs. We are convinced that real luxury is not just a matter of marble decorations that obviously enhance the hotel's rooms with their value, or of the latest design of the seats and tables on the panoramic terrace overlooking the Tower of Pisa, but it is instead something that has to do with the sincere smile of those who have been taking care of you for two generations.

Customer care

When entering Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa you will feel as if being inside an imposing yet reassuring place, just like the protective embrace of those who have always been there, at the foot of the world's most famous leaning tower. You will be welcomed by hospitality professionals, who will be your guardian angels during your stay in the city. And then the most exciting surprise: from the terraces on the top floor of the hotel your gaze will be immediately enraptured by the architectural magic of Piazza dei Miracoli with its famous bell tower that you will almost feel as if you can touch it.



50 meters from the Tower

Thanks to this special closeness of the hotel to Piazza dei Miracoli and the leaning tower, Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa has always stood out as a structure ready to meet the needs of an international and demanding clientele.
The rooms and suites of Grand Hotel Duomo in Pisa, a historic structure 50 metres from Piazza dei Miracoli, have all been newly refurbished renovated to ensure today’s travellers have all they need.

The 4-star hotel is located at the end of Via Santa Maria, in the Tramontana district, one of the most characteristic and ancient streets of the city of Pisa with its rows of buildings of the ancient nobility of Pisa, now mostly used as university seats. According to historians and scholars, this district experienced the design intervention of Vasari. Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa guarantees a truly exclusive position for a comfortable stay in the city, as well as for reaching the main Tuscan cities of art..


Rooms and Suites

Grand Hotel Duomo is an exclusive way to enjoy your stay in Pisa, in one of the most beautiful cities of art in Italy. Some of the rooms and all suites also enjoy a fascinating view of the tower of Pisa.

Faces and signatures of illustrious guests

Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa is proud to have welcomed so many famous guests in its rooms and suites. Special and welcome guests who have contributed to making the history of the hotel great.

The entrance is so spacious that there is room for a wooden gallery delimiting the mezzanine floor, here guests can admire the autographed testimonies of celebrities, just like a current red carpet. The names of Vittorio De Sica, Vittorio Gassman, Fred Astaire, Sophia Loren stand out among many others. This gallery of international celebrities also entered the Lounge Bar (link) of Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa, to meet our legendary Bob, who, with either a Martini, a whisky or a cocktail, listened to the stories and tales of stars and common people.


Discover the exclusive proposals of Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa, 4-star hotel with restaurants and a panoramic terrace overlooking the Tower of Pisa. An utterly unique experience awaits you.
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