Enjoy the wines,atmosphere, and landscapes of Chianti

Chianti offers a glimpse of Tuscany to be discovered and tasted: a harmonious and gentle land that satisfies sight with its endless rows of vineyards, softly placed on the gentle hillsides, the evergreen olive groves, the avenues surrounded by rows of cypresses and the cheerful sunflower fields.

The Chianti territory extends amid the hills of Florence to the east and as far as Vinci to the west, before expanding southwards towards the province of Siena, up to Arezzo. But the Chianti area features also squares, medieval villages and castles perched on the hilltops.

In praise of Tuscany hospitality

Those arriving in the Chianti area for the first time can perceive the essence of Tuscany: flavours, scents, landscapes, and the great sense of hospitality. Travelling along the Chiantigiana road that goes from Florence to Siena, you will see unforgettable landscapes, hills dotted with vineyards and Medici villas just outside the city border. What about indulging in a wine tasting tour or even choosing to take part in cooking lessons in a farmhouse?
Wine and oil are typical traditional products of this area, so we encourage you to enrich your stay in Tuscany with an out-of-town experience by following the oil or wine path and there is much more.
Chianti, indeed, contains some of the most sought-after flavours and fragrances of Italy: cheeses, cold cuts, honey, as well as extra virgin olive oil and, of course, wine, like the red Chianti Classico wine.

Visit Chianti starting from the Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa

Chianti is close enough to Pisa to make it an ideal destination for an out-of-town trip while staying in the city as a guest of Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa. Take the time to relax among these landscapes that seem to be painted by an artist's hand and admire the romantic sunsets with the sun slowly hiding behind the rows of vineyards, colouring the sky in breath taking red shades. Chianti is also an area that is ideal to explore the paths on foot or by mountain bike, to enjoy a simple picnic in the middle of the meadows or in the gardens of the villages where the city hustle and bustle does not reach. All around just peace and beauty. Ask us at the reception and we will be happy to give you directions and suggestions for your visit.


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