Galileo Galilei

Discover Pisa in the footsteps of Galileowith Grand Hotel Duomo

Galileo Galilei is a name that needs no introduction. A man and historical figure, among the most illustrious sons of Pisa. We at Grand Hotel Duomo propose an itinerary to discover the places in Pisa that are linked to the life of the great scientist.

Galileo Galilei was born on 15th February 1564; his father was a musician and he was baptised in the splendid Duomo in Piazza dei Miracoli. Galileo's life is strongly linked to this square: according to legend, Piazza dei Miracoli was one of the scientific laboratories for his discoveries. According to some biographers of the scientist, then, Galileo sensed the law of isochronism of the oscillations of the pendulum right inside the Duomo, observing a large votive lamp, while it was from the Bell Tower (the Leaning Tower), that he conducted the experiments on the fall of gravities in the presence of teachers and students of the University of Pisa.

Leaving Piazza dei Miracoli, we can move on to Palazzo della Sapienza, seat of the University, a historic building with a characteristic courtyard and double loggia. This place sums up the Pisan years of Galileo's youth and maturity. While from the top of the tower of Palazzo Reale, on Lungarno Pacinotti, Galileo pointed his telescopes hundreds of times towards the celestial vault, of which he understood universal laws that upset the status quo crystallised by the Catholic Church.

The Galilean Day pays homage to the great scientist

Since 2019, an important event has been set up to pay homage to the great scientist "La Giornata Galileiana": coordinated by the Municipality of Pisa and organised with the University of Pisa. Appointments and initiatives are organised to commemorate Galileo's scientific discoveries throughout the city (but even in Florence and other cities in Italy) in mid-February. This appointment is an excellent opportunity to learn about the known and less known aspects of Pisa and its rich and articulated scientific and tourist offer.


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