San Giuliano Terme

The curative thermal waters of San Giulianoinside the facilities of Bagni di Pisa (Pisa Baths)

A point of attraction for those coming to Tuscany is certainly San Giuliano Spa, located inside Bagni di Pisa, reachable from Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa in about ten minutes by car.

The thermal establishments have been a place of wellness and beauty since Roman times; but it was in the 18th century, under the enlightened dominion of the Medici family, that the thermal baths became a popular place for holidays and wellness thanks to the properties of the waters.
Today the thermal complex of San Giuliano offers a complete range of natural therapies that answer that desire to feel well and in good shape Spending a day at the wellness centre of which visitors to the Bagni di Pisa can take advantage of, means indulging in aesthetic and curative treatments: sauna and Turkish bath in the famous underground caves, massages, baths in the thermal pools, but, above all, spending time away from daily stress, dedicating precious moments of relaxation to one’s own wellbeing.

The historical villas of San Giuliano

In addition to the renowned spas, what is to be appreciated in San Giuliano Terme, are the numerous historical villas built between 1400 and 1800, by notable Pisan and Florentine families. The Pisan mountain was chosen for the construction of noble private residences because of the mild climate and the beauty of the surrounding nature, suitable for hunting and long relaxing walks that was so much in vogue at the time. Most of these villas have returned to their ancient splendour after restoration works, and now they are available again to the public to be used for events, also cultural. Of particular importance are Villa di Corliano, Villa Roncioni, Villa Dal Borgo di Pugnano and Villa Le Molina.


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