La Luminara

The Luminarafor the celebrations of Saint Ranieri in Pisa

One of the best ways to see the city of Pisa discovering its soul is to plan a weekend or, maybe, a longer stay during the celebrations for Saint Ranieri (the patron saint of Pisa), held on 17th June. On the eve of the “festa”, you will assist what is the most beautiful night everyone looks forward to in Pisa. In fact, the Tuscan city is illuminated by one hundred thousand wax lights placed on the façades of the buildings overlooking the Lungarni, along the river Arno.
Even the leaning tower is illuminated with fireflies placed on the battlements of every floor and on the city walls enclosing Piazza dei Miracoli. Floating lights are also deposited on the waters of the Arno river and left to the flow.

A tradition 3oo years long, a unique sight worldwide

The tradition, renewed every year since 1688, consists in wax candles being inserted in smooth glass glasses and hung on wooden frames painted in white (called “biancheria” in local dialect), shaped to enhance the outlines of the buildings, bridges, churches and towers overlooking the area along river Arno in Pisa.
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