Private garage

Hotel with private parking
in the centre of Pisa

Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa is a 4-star hotel in the heart of the ancient city centre, with private parking available to the guests. The indoor car park with video-surveillance, twenty metres from the reception, has a maximum capacity of 12 cars with 1,85 mt in hight and is an extra service that requires booking.

The structure is located in a ZTL (controlled traffic) zone; therefore the private garage of Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa is convenient and strategic for those in the city for business matters and in particular for sales representatives and agents carrying samples. The parking is ideal to leave your car guarded and reserve half a day to yourself enjoying a tour of the city of Pisa of which the main monuments are within walking distance; to move around the surrounding area and in the nearby cities using public transport; for those landing at the Pisa or Florence airports (link) and then renting a car, all without having to experience those restrictions due to a controlled traffic zone arranged by the municipality.

Access to the pedestrian area (involving only the first 100 metres of Via S. Maria) abides by the following time slots: transit only is allowed up to the Hotel entrance from 8:00 pm to 9:30 am. During the rest of the day you can reach the Hotel by parking in the parallel streets, in the second part of Via S. Maria, or by reaching the garage entrance at the back in Via Don Gaetano Boschi.

Private garage

Safe, comfortable, time saving. The possibility of parking in an internal area of the Hotel is a service all guests arriving with their own vehicle appreciate. The private, internal garage is guarded at a cost of 25.00 Euro per day (always accessible). Parking with your own car is also possible by applying for the municipal permit that can be purchased at the reception at a cost of 6.50 Euro every 24 hours and allows parking along the road in the ZTL (controlled traffic) zone.


Discover the exclusive proposals of Grand Hotel Duomo Pisa, 4-star hotel with restaurants and a panoramic terrace overlooking the Tower of Pisa. An utterly unique experience awaits you.
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